I’ve been dismantling the notion of ambition these days. In other words, it’s not the driver anymore.

It’s so refreshing!

When asked my plans for day/week/life, I answer, “No idea”. Sure, I need a certain level of engagement, clients and $$ — but other than that, everything else can remain a surprise. I have no need to prove myself, after years of striving over that impossible task. GPAs, degrees, travel, honors, books, labels are helpful but I don’t place them any higher than a great cup of coffee or a meaningful chat.

It doesn’t matter if I publish another book — if I do, great. It deosn’t matter if Oprah calls — if she does, I’ll pick up. It doesn’t matter if I own a couple of homes and make bank — if that happens, awesome. I’m learning to let life be — just see what arrives and not constrict it with constant desire. I’ve even scaled back my addiction to manifesting (which can be a guise for control/lack of trust) because power is also found in mystery. My ambition is to simply enjoy life with every fiber of my being and not have rules around what I must do/see/finish before leaving here.

I’ll be sure to report back on how it goes…

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