Pay Attention

I’ve learned to pay attention to signs, whether in dreams or “real” life. Often before I start a session, songs will play in my mind and I’ll wonder why. Yesterday was “All Things Must Pass” by George Harrison and I sang it as I wiped snow off my car. Later, my client and I discussed a huge change and the song made perfect sense. Other times it will be flashing images or themes that prepare me.

I don’t understand every little sign and omen. However, I always pay attention. Right before I left for Hawaii, someone sent me a picture of a raven they rescued with a broken wing. You can be sure I took extra care on icy roads and not overstretch in yoga.

Miracles and wonders come in all shapes to guide you. More than likely, an archangel isn’t going to knock on your door, holding a giant map — but the Universe/Goddess/Divine shows up every day, especially in Nature. As you continue to practice acute attention, that’s when you’ll trust your intuition with fewer doubts. That doesn’t mean that you’ll know 💯 how it’s going to turn out. What you can trust is divine guidance and your commitment to honor, love, heal and protect your life as the signs arrive.

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