Accuracy In A Session

I’ve said and seen things in Tarot sessions that never came to be. I will gladly admit that as a seer. I’ve never striven to be 💯 accurate, nor do I believe that any intuitive is. Sometimes I’ve been dead wrong and that is good for you. It means that you haven’t placed me higher than your own insight and intuition, nor should you.

Be very, very wary of an intuitive/psychic who believes what comes out of their mouth is gold or stubbornly insists on a prediction that you know could have harmed your path. You must always trust yourself — even if you’ve been taught otherwise. I provide information to consider, not parse it out like it carries the secrets of the Universe. I am a messenger but you are the ultimate ruler of your life. I do the best I can with my gifts but I am human, just like you.

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