Your Way, My Way

When I started building Shivaya Wellness 14 years ago, I had NO idea how to make it successful. I mean, yes, I had an artist’s temperament but a Tarot reader / healer? No clue, other than finding clients to “read” as a side gig until I could leave my teaching career and dive in full-time.

It’s a good thing you don’t know in the beginning how hairy things will be. If you want to know how much you actually trust the Divine, become an entrepreneur. You need large doses of courage, stubbornness and humility to realize just how clueless you are. But don’t worry; mentors and friends will show up to help you, if you allow them.

In 2018, there are plenty of biz courses/advice but even that can be a thicket to plow through. Many will say you need a social media presence (wrong), make a certain amount (no) and continue building your products (only if you want to).

You have to follow your way. Many of the best healers I know do not spend much time online and vary in the $$ they require. As my business continues to increase in clients/income, I’m decreasing my time on social media because it’s just not my vibe now. I’m reading more books, spending time in silence to rest, downloading new information and simply enjoying life outside of the screen.

Trust your path as an entrepreneur and never forget how courageous it is to make what was once intangible a flesh and blood business!

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