When Am I Gonna Die?

I used to get clients who’d ask when they were going to die. This was before I learned that I could manifest the ideal type of client/energy in my practice and would get all shapes and sizes of questions.
Of course, I didn’t answer. I have NO idea when another person will die, nor would I dare to guess. There are some mysteries that even seers can’t see and I advise my students to avoid the three D’s in a session: death, disease and divorce. Otherwise, you wade into an endless swamp and leave a client who will perseverate on your answer, rather than live their life.
It’s a curious thing that a client would even waste time and money on a certainty. We may not die today or tomorrow, but Death walks with us.
My job is to help focus on the karmic wounds and spiritual lessons of this life before you leave it. We incarnated for a reason and there are plenty of breadcrumbs for us to follow, if we are interested enough to locate them. A Tarot session is one way, as well as prayer, meditation and trusting our decisions. Death may be the next great adventure but this one is pretty awesome, too.

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