The Exact Opposite

Sometimes I say the exact opposite of what a client wants or expects. (If it makes you feel better, I’ve had plenty of my own reads where the same thing happened). I’m not in the business to be a dream-crusher but must follow what the Tarot and my intuition/messages tell me.

This is not easy because I don’t like to disappoint or divert a client from what they consider to be the best path. That’s why I give guidance to be considered, not directives or iron-clad promises. However, when I hear bells clanging in my head or the Tarot laying down a scenario plain as day, I’m going to be honest and direct with my client. That’s why they booked a session and paid me well for it.

I’m protective, especially with women but will not bend the reading in that one direction. I trust that they will consider all of the angles of their situation and choose accordingly. We enable our future through our choices — and use the wisdom of the present moment to decide our next steps. The beautiful magic is that we can change direction in the next moment!

As a seer, I’m there to give you my best advice and then you choose what to do with it. You are always in control.

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