It’s All In How You Say It

The work I do isn’t about parlor tricks or dazzling with spiritual knowledge. It’s conveying messages as simply and articulately as I can. It takes many years to hone this skill — even psychic work is all about practice.
I’ve had personal reads which shocked me with their tone-deaf conveyance. Years ago, I spoek with an astrologer who asked me what I wanted. I hesitated, then answered that I wanted to be loved. “Oh, please. C’mon! That sounds like you want a puppy”, she said. My heart shrank, my ears shut and I silently promised that I’d always be more sensitive in readings.
If you are insensitive and ram your message across, you will lose their biz and never be successful as a healer. It’s all in how words are spoken, not simply wielding the sword of blunt efficiency to speak truth. It’s practicing acute attention.
Needless to say, I never called again — and imagine the thousands of clients I could have sent her way!
Some clients appreciate directness. Others want metaphors while others respond to personal reflection. Words can be uniquely tailored to suit the person. That is where my intuitive abilities shine — yet it’s crucial to ask our higher wisdom for guidance. I know full well how words can remain in one’s memory.
Be careful with your words. They may be carried for a very long time.
(“It’s All In How You Say It” from “The Reluctant Tarot Reader“)

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