1. Thank you! As a healer with a new private practice, this is something I needed to hear. This message all too often gets drowned out by the More! Now! Bigger! Better! mind-set that is half the reason alternative healing is becoming so popular. It’s easy to succomb to that ideal when you hear it over and over again. Even when you know you’re doing exactly the right thing and you know you will find your clientele.

  2. Yes, indeed — and we often want healing to happen in 10 second sound bites. I remember telling people that I was going to be a full-time healer with a concentration in Tarot and they looked at me like, wha? I didn’t really believe it myself but took the plunge (more like dipping my toes but eventually went in…) It’s taken me years to build a client base that returns in a regular basis — and that’s the key to my success. Patience is paying off, though I am hardly a patient person! I know that you will do well in your practice, Kate — even through the hard times. 🙂

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