How To Have Your Very Own Magical Notebook

Over on my Facebook page, I’ve been talking about my magical notebook and naturally, people have asked how it works. I touched upon it in my “Benevolence” post but I’m happy to show you the ins and outs of this incredible tool.

It’s very easy. All it requires is focus, devotion and time.

Easy, right?

This is how you start:

1. Buy a notebook. It doesn’t matter if it’s Moleskine or a $1.49 notebook from Walmart. What matters is that you enjoy writing in it. Your writing instrument is also very important. Consider your pen your wand, magician. I use a Pilot G2 for all of my pen and paper writings.

As much as I use the computer, the process of ink to page works for me when it comes to my magical notebook. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do this on the computer. Find what works for you.

2. Spend time every day with your notebook. I’ll discuss what I write in my notebook in a bit, but allowing yourself time and quiet is most important. Carve out space every day so that you are able to focus. I prefer mornings and a check-in right before bed. I usually have coffee and toast while writing in my notebook before jumping into the world of tech, stocks and clients.

3. Believe. I can’t stress this enough. If you don’t approach your magical notebook with positive energy, strength and faith, then don’t even bother. More like child, less like adult.

4. What to write: This is the good stuff. This is where you play. And remember: these are all suggestions and my creation isn’t necessarily yours. But feel free to use them as guiding principles.

Every Sunday morning, I write out what I will magically call into my world and base it on the week ahead. I’ve tried it as both a monthly (too long) and 24 hour manifestation (too much pressure), but a week’s span works best for me. I write it out, read it aloud and ask myself if it’s really what I want to arrive into my world. Thoughts have power. Your words carry them out. Be aware.


And I don’t just call in the physical — such as a certain amount of money, book sales or clients — but I also call in how I wish to feel. I ask for healing for friends or any situation in my life that requires it. I don’t tell “the Universe” how to do it. I simply say, this is what I want. Thank you.

Tweak when necessary. Add or delete when needed. No one is grading you here.

I also add things that don’t have a “need-by-this-date” — long-term dreams and imaginings that I write out and read over when life becomes small.

5. Be focused but not hard-core. It’s like yoga, finding the balance between effort and ease.  It’s not like you’re going to walk into your first yoga class ever and slam out Crow or Wheel. This is all a practice and the notebook is your tangible guide. If you want to call in say, $1,000 this week, don’t write down $100,000. It’s not that it wouldn’t be provided, but does your faith really allow it? I don’t overreach to such a degree that I’m already disbelieving as I write. I stay in a place of “reasonable faith”, so that when things arrive, I extend further. I really believe that we live in a limitless stream of abundance, but it’s my job to dismantle and dismiss the areas of negativity that have built up over many years.

6. Gratitude and thankfulness are key. Just because we’re working with energy and the invisible realms doesn’t mean that we become grubby kids clamoring for free sweets. Keep track and date when things happen. Always say thank you. Don’t just go onto the next thing or the next. Sit with the satisfaction that this practice actually works and we live in a benevolent world — if we allow it to be so.


7. Keep asking, claiming, believing. Don’t be hard on yourself or your “people” if things don’t immediately arrive or show up exactly when you want them. It’s not like your list expires like a coupon at the end of the week. It’s all in play, and it’s ALL play! And don’t forget to write the date when it shows up — even if it’s months or years later. Always notice. Always say thank you.

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