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As promised, here’s a free download (PDF) of my latest book, We Dream Anew: The Best of Shivaya Wellness, Vol. II. You get it first — even before the bigwigs at Amazon!

Free copies are available all day Friday.

We Dream Anew is a compilation of the best 25 essays from Shivaya Wellness, written in 2013 to the present. They include:

“Leaving Your Day Job”

“Psychic Children”


“How To Protect Your Sensitive Self”

“Losing Weight”

and lots more where those came from…

The ebook is now available for download on Amazon.

Big thanks and love for your support!!

I had the pleasure of sitting down virtually with my old friend, Karen Hager last Tuesday for an hour-long interview. You might remember her from my show, “Tarot Talk” as a guest. She’s a wonderful psychic and radio host on Empowerment Radio. We chatted about my beautiful cat Avery from “Just Another Crazy Cat Lady Story” and what prompted me to write that particular memoir, plus thoughts on the Tarot — and I also give advice to aspiring writers!

Listen to the interview here:


I see bits and pieces of the younger Raven in my travels: the eager, questioning college kid, the sullen goth girl with her bag of notebooks (change her into a good Christian girl who wore skirts all the time and that was me), the flirty woman, the tough motorcyclist, the academic, the exhausted teacher.

They are all part of my past but the question is : who I am now?

This is when self-creation gets juicy and kind of terrifying. It would be a mistake to try and recapture what I’ve already lived or who I projected to the world when I was younger. Now that I’ve been in VT nearly 10 years, I’ve really become a different person. As I contemplate where to move next — the West Coast keeps pulling — I wonder what landscape and people will suit me. Yet, the move in and of itself doesn’t matter. I’m constantly searching for daily inspiration and know that I’m back to a point of discovery, where a new Raven will fluff out her wings and take flight.

Inspiration — inner and outer — helps us remember who we once were but also who we are becoming. And I can’t wait to see what future “me-s” emerge!

You may notice that comments have been permanently disabled on my blog. I realized that most of the conversations I have with you are on Facebook, plus the spam on WP has increased, even with Askimet.

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