Meditation Challenge Update

I’m happy to report that I sat for 20 minutes of meditation every morning.

“Sat” being the operative word. I can report that my butt sat on my Japanese buckwheat pillow. As for my mind…well, that’s another story. It helped that I was half-awake!

I’m glad I did this practice, though I doubt I’ll stick to it every day. Hopefully, I can because there is a sacredness to early mornings before the world starts bustling. I did have a moment of weakness one day and stumbled into my office, grabbing for my Ipad. I had to remind myself that meditation comes first, then everything else.

What’s helpful about sitting is not only the ease I grant myself but that the quiet doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. I can fritter away the day online, with friends, writing, projects — and then watch movies at night. I spend plenty of time in my quiet office thinking — but that’s not the same as meditation.

Meditating in the morning also helps set the tone to my day. It doesn’t mean I have a peaceful glow wafting around me. I’m still the same Raven with my irritations, grudges and questions. But I’m also Raven who has more patience, inspiration and love. My yoga practice is a great help, too.

And speaking of inspiration, I had the most amazing, inspired ideas during Sunday meditation at both ends of my week. I received a download for a future book or two and it simply popped into my mind. I didn’t try at all; I just sat in the yard and it came to me! That’s what I love about meditation. I can almost hear the angels saying, Thank goodness she finally slowed that brain down. Let’s get to work before she realizes it!

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My Meditation Challenge

This week I’m going to (gently) challenge myself to meditate every morning before I jump into my daily life. That is, after I feed Zoey.

No coffee, email checking, kitchen futzing, phone calls, stocks, Tarot — until I’ve done 20 minutes of meditation.


I’m interested in seeing how meditation helps my life when I sit quietly for 20 minutes in the morning. I do look at meditation as a way of being, rather than strict devotion but sitting still is a challenge for me, especially during a specific time of day. I don’t like rules or timeframes (blame it on my Christian background of “daily devotions”) but this is more of an experiment to watch how meditation affects my day. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. We’ll see.

And a little discipline never hurt.

I’ll post an update on Thursday to let you know how it’s going and I’ll also update Facebook.

Today I started with meditation at 4:30am. I keep waking up early because of seasonal shifts, so I figured it would be a perfect time. I chanted Om shanti 108 times with my mala beads because I was half-awake and needed to focus on something, then sat quietly in the dark for a few moments and went back to sleep. I felt the same calmness as in my yoga practice, where I drop pretty deep in a short amount of time. That is, until my mind wakes up and starts to chatter. Let’s see what happens in early morning because the sun is my fuel and I start running into my day.

I’m interested in finding out ways that you meditate. What’s your daily practice? Comments are open below or chat with me on Facebook or g+.